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Devil's Pinnacle

Cano Island, Costa Rica

Depth: 15-40 meters (45-130 feet)

Skill level: Intermediate

Devil's Pinnacle is one of the most visited scuba diving spots because of its great diversity in marine life abundance due to the rock structure that falls from twelve feet from surface down to 130 feet.Dive here is generally planned in ascendance, from 120 feet ascending to a final depth of 50 feet so compressed air may last around 40 minutes long.

The waters here and in surrounding canyons are full with jacks, snappers, barracudas, puffers, parrotfish, moray eels and sharks, bull sharks occasionally at greater depths.

As you shelter you will find yourself amongst hundreds if not thousands of snapper and grunts. Jacks and white tip reef sharks are everywhere and up near the surface large shoals of mullet cruise interspersed with needlefish. There are also some fan corals, black coral and gorgonians here making it a more attractive reef than the other sites around Caño Island.

Incredible place for marine life as well as an incredible place for you!

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