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Cano Island, Costa Rica

Depths: 20 meters (60 feet)

Skill level: Intermediate

This amazing paradise is ruled by Blue Stripe Snappers. A good spot for intermediate divers with depths around 85 feet. The giant amberjacks that frequent this spot have no problem coming right up to divers to wonder why they are there. There are also schools of Barber fishes, Dog Tooth Snapper and Barracudas, also schools of Horse-eye Jacks.

It is most likely the best place to see other shark species, at times schools of over 20 nurse sharks. Tropical fish include, Parrot fish, Triggers eels, puffers and occasionally Mobula Rays. This dive has current, thermals and depending on seas the visibility can be 15 feet but on good calm, clear days can reach to 100 feet.

The name speaks for itself!

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Drake Bay
Costa Rica, Central America